SCARY HORROR STUFF: Why the Rocky Horror Picture Show Still Does It for Me
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Friday, October 28, 2016

Why the Rocky Horror Picture Show Still Does It for Me

I'll have to plainly admit this: I did not see the remake that had recently aired. Sure, it looked quite hyped, and I'm sure it was excellent in its own right.... From an 'updated' perspective with some rather 'cooler' visuals we're all used to. But there's something to be said about an original. It simply can't be 'remade'.

There Were a Couple Problems With the Remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Not that it crippled the remake any.... There were some that were a bit dissatisfied. That didn't mean it was such a horrible display. However, a classic is a classic for one simple reason -- a treasure locked away in time like quotes from literary geniuses, with some subtle notes that you really can't seem to play with, update, or even imitate. The original Rocky Horror Picture Show was such that it blew away specific standards as far as musicals go over the fact that there were groundbreaking themes involved. And that's precisely the problem:

Those themes don't necessarily apply today. That makes the remake, well, less than stellar from a certain standpoint. It's unfortunate. For instance: the fact that technically Frank N. Furter isn't technically a transvestite anymore (SHE is a transsexual?), plus the new Brad and Janet are a bit more "flexible" with their carnal needs versus a very young Susan Sarandon and that other dude. Why does that matter? For one, the juxtaposition's pretty clear in the original -- original Brad and Janet were so incredibly innocent, contrasting Furter and co. whereas sexy Victoria Justice (and the other dude) rather had the closet freak syndrome in full force.

There's a difference between not having the goodies to show (but still showing it) and having the goodies to show, and then 'reluctantly' showing it, I guess? It's just not as surprising in my opinion.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Aimed to Make Your Jaw Drop

Simply put. The remake, however, made your jaw hang. That's not necessarily terrible, though. Just rather ho-hum.

Such is the state of remakes these days, in all honesty. A remake often hides within the shadow of the original in such poor state unless it somehow reinvents creatively some of the latent themes, which made the classic so classic. If it can't do that, though, then it's pretty clear: some classics must remain classics with no remakes made. Clearly... Such remakes must be left behind with no antica..... PATION.

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