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Monday, December 12, 2016

Excellent Horror/Fantasy TV Show Crossovers We MUST See to Believe

Call me a crossover whore if you want, but I'll admit it -- I love me some campy crossover fun when it comes to TV. And bonus points for crossovers in the horror genre. We saw a good portion of stuff like that in the past, what with Without a Trace crossing over with CSI, and the goods are great with the Chicago shows (my wife loved the whole Chicago Fire, PD, and Med merge when it premiered). Even Arrow saw a bit of Constantine in an episode or two, and it got pretty interesting from there.

So Clearly There's a Trend -- Want to Know What It Would Look Like for Certain Horror Shows to Cross Over? Here Are Some Ideas....

You'd think networks would make even more of a killing if they tried these bad boy combinations out, right? it's not unheard of. After all, Supergirl and the Flash crossed over, and both were from different networks at the time (yes, I know, I know, CBS owns the CW, so what). But for the benefit of TV and ratings, you'd think SyFy would be able to cross over with ABC or something for a dynamite showing.

DC and Marvel did at one point. Why not cable networks? Just sayin'.

Anyway, here are some wicked ideas for TV crossovers of the horror/fantasy kind. Yes, some of these aren't necessarily horror but still apply in really cool ways, so take notes, cable execs. You want more
viewership? Try these creative ideas out:

Blindspot and The Blacklist

Easy enough when you think about it: both are from NBC, both are hard-boiled crime drama thriller shows. And both involve a sense of intrigue and mystery upping the ante for nail biting while thinking about the details.

Imagine what a crossover like this would be! Beautiful woman with a bunch of tattoos and no memory finds herself engulfed with the FBI and then discovers a new mystery tattoo with Raymond "Red" Reddington at the center of it -- it's like Hannibal Lector and Jack Bauer's "24" on steroids.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Meets iZombie and Lucifer

Hooooooooly crab cakes, what an idea.... And it seems to fit quite well given the road the agents of
S.H.I.E.L.D. have taken with their themes. First it was the Ghost Rider, and now it's that.... Well, unusually attractive, yet dangerous android woman thing.... Okay. We're biting on it, but wouldn't it be cool to get a theme going with our favorite prince of darkness, LUCIFER?

Heck, yeah. Just the right amount of snarkiness fitting in with a lot of what the agents bring to the table for Marvel, plus -- yes, you
guessed it -- Lucifer is actually a Marvel property as well. So it fits!

But, oh, let's go one step further and do a mega TV (and comic) crossover and throw in some iZombie for good measure! DC's Vertigo imprint would see a lot of miles dealing with Lucifer's antics as well as the agents having already dealt with the demons and ghosts of the paranormal. I see this flying quite well, actually.
CW meets FOX meets ABC. Pure gold, man.

Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and The Flash in Gotham

Talk about a mincemeat pie of utter goodness and heart attacks that would make the most recent CW crossover event pale in comparison, and given that the particular CW crossover event we're talking about actually did reasonably well given the insane scope, we're thinking this could multiply that factor by a million as long as the CW can fly right with FOX's Gotham.

For starters, the themes fit beautifully. It's all DC comics. It's been discussed before, but with no real direction. Thanks to Legends of Tomorrow, it's definitely within the realm to visit Gotham's timeline for some reason that would involve all the DC heroes and have Supergirl, Green Arrow and the Flash practically rub shoulders with the childlike Dark Knight and Detective Jim Gordon. Given how CW knocked it out of the ballpark, we can imagine FOX trying to test the waters and see if it would work since this all exists in the same universe (sort of).

Tell me that won't fondle the comic gods and geeks of fandom. Maybe even a cameo with Supergirl's
"Superman," too, Gotham? Yes, please!

Ash Vs. The Walking Dead

What I find funny about this is that I happened to see this in an article except it was a TYPO (Hehehehehe). It was supposed to be, obviously, Ash Vs. Evil Dead from FX. What an idea, though! Who would've thought a grievous journalistic error could then bring about the most interesting crossover event ever in history?

It could fly. There's a certain air of ambition and masterpiece to combining the cheeky antics of one Ash with his chainsaw arm and the mellow drama of The Walking Dead and Negan's barb wire baseball bat. Honestly can you imagine some of the back-and-forth of Ash and Negan in the same episode? We can.

Any Ideas You Readers Have as Far as Crossovers Are Concerned? (We're Still Trying to Think of How American Horror Story Can Do Something Similar)

The sky's the limit, obviously. We're seeing it with all of the franchises we love. Why not see some more? We're sure there are more ideas out there, so feel free to chime in and let us know of any other interesting crossovers out there.

IT meets AHS, maybe? Too much of a stretch? What do you think?

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!