SCARY HORROR STUFF: SLENDER MAN Movie Delayed -- Due to Negative Controversy?
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Thursday, January 25, 2018

SLENDER MAN Movie Delayed -- Due to Negative Controversy?

The horror genre got shook up (even beyond that of awesome nominations for GET OUT and THE SHAPE OF WATER) when Sony announced that a SLENDER MAN film would be released, heralding a certain troubled father to rise up and speak on behalf of the tragedies. Good or bad publicity? That's up to your point of view, I guess. But it turns out....

Sadly, Sony Has DELAYED the Release of Their SLENDER MAN Film....

However, it's not as catastrophic as you might think. I mean, there aren't any picket signs going around at Sony to disturb the masses on how much bad taste there is in releasing such a wickedly devastating horror story as the Creepypasta SLENDER MAN phenomenon....

Sony's only delaying that film for just three months. So don't freak out, horror aficionados or creepypasta monsters. You're still going to get your movie. As far as we know, the studio will still release the film, but we also do find it a bit odd that there really isn't any particular reason for the delay, so we can only wonder....

Is It Because of the Controversy? Or Not?

We did mention that the tragedy actually punctured a major artery in some families, deservedly enough; so the idea of a film being released based on the stories themselves seemed a bit like overkill. You'd think a studio would've thought of that. However....

Sony's still slated to release SLENDER MAN. It may be that perhaps the outcry isn't as bad as some of us might think, plus if you honestly look at the reason why films are produced based on real events, it's not to sensationalize them....

But to honor the victims. At least that's why I would either produce them, or watch them. That's just me, though: I could be wrong.

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