SCARY HORROR STUFF: Top 4 ACTUAL Scary Sounds From Pop Culture Horror Flicks We Absolutely Love
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Monday, February 19, 2018

Top 4 ACTUAL Scary Sounds From Pop Culture Horror Flicks We Absolutely Love

Now I'm not talking about soundtracks here. I'm not even necessarily talking about classic lines or motifs. While those are essential to the most nostalgic of horror media, underneath it all, inside the skin where the blood vessels cauterize, are those sounds we all know from back when we were kids. You know what I'm talking about. Right? As in you'd know of these sounds and can practically pinpoint which pop cult phenomenon of the horror genre they came from. Just from hearing them. No scenes, nothing.

Those Sounds Are the Essential Makeup of Horror, the Building Block, and Here Is That Essential List of Pure Genius

Like, you had to be one to come up with these scary sounds that end up simply becoming the monster they emulate. Some of these are classics. You might find one or two that are more modern in their remembrance. But without a doubt -- they all set off those Spidey senses pretty good when you hear them!

Starting With Arguably One of the Most Nailbiting Sounds in Cinema History: the Tracker From ALIENS

Chills. Just chills. For decades we remembered this as the icon of the coming onslaught, the bio-engineered weapon of death that was the zenomorph. That ticking sound. The elevated pitch. It made your heart race.... And then....

You Went Crazy Over the BABADOOK

THE BABADOOK took-took-took what all that asian horror from THE GRUDGE did and practically amplified it in ways that the hairs on the back of your neck not only standed on end, but turned into little daggers meant to prick the demons from coming too close to you.... Only those demons loved the little daggers pricking them.

And Then You Got That Little Classic Repeating PREDATOR Mimic That Became so Iconic Thanks to Ah-nuld

Call me crazy, but is it me or do others find the weird tick-purr sound of the predator that much more disturbing? Not me, though. It was this video. This exact scene. It was more about the repeated dialogue that made it so ominous, and believe me: action fiends of the '80s remember this way more. As if the predator was learning our mannerisms. Our language. Better to hunt us down more efficiently and kill us. Still freaks me to the bone, man.

Of Course, Nothing Compares to Probably the Most Nostalgic of Sounds -- Thanks to Jason

Did you hear it?? The sound? Sort of like a warning signal for what's to come? A machete into your skull, wielded by a hockey player. Yes. That sound. The crazy thing is that array of ch ch ch ch ha ha ha ha ha and all of its randomness somehow ends up like white noise until you pair it with the likes of Jason Voorhees on a bad night. You end up hearing the sequence at least three times in every film. Then it kind of sticks with you. Like that machete in your skull.

Proof That You Don't Need Some Kind of Ambient Music or Even the Sounds of a Devil Dog to Frighten You....

The simplest of sounds could be enough. But they're also unique. And definitive. You can't mistake these sounds for anything else. They're forever merged with the horrific souls of creatures untold for decades except for when on the silver or small screen at night with some popcorn and a sedative.

Do you have any other iconic sounds in cinema or media that creep you out? Did I miss anything? Or did I nail that coffin down good? Let me know!

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