SCARY HORROR STUFF: New Horror Film #SCREAMERS Might Just Revitalize the Found Footage Genre
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Friday, March 30, 2018

New Horror Film #SCREAMERS Might Just Revitalize the Found Footage Genre

It's no secret that I am quite fond of those found footage films. Ever since THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT premiered with shrieks, shivers and shocks through the system. However, I got pretty quickly just how novel it was and that the rage would die down due to a lack of verisimilitude: after all, what person in their right mind would continue filming a documentary while being chased by demons, zombies, bears, Bigfoot, fire ants, clowns, and all other sorts of crazies?? Screw that.... I'm dropping the camera!

This Gave Rise to a Lot of Stories in That Genre That Just Were Beyond Eye-Rolling

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, though, came close to getting something at least relatable. Right? Well then it got a little tiresome after the third outing of the franchise. As scary as GRAVE ENCOUNTERS was (popular enough to spawn a sequel, in fact), again.... The tried-and-true question to break down the facade of these fake found footage horror films of why keep filming the damn stuff rang pretty true.

Ultimately viewers got sick of this sub-genre! And I get it. I still love it for what it is especially after watching something like V/H/S (and the sequel). But I get it.

The good news is I just viewed a trailer of a new film in the found footage format, and it certainly takes an angle worth noting:

#SCREAMERS does something interesting. It gives the characters an actual reason to look into this stuff while recording the content. Other models, of course, tried to manufacture that and play it off as part of a plot, but the audience knew better.

This, however, really is all about the viral news out there: TMZ, National Enquirer, that sort of thing. So as a news reporter, you sort of have to bring a crew with you everywhere you go.

This Film Might Make the Found Footage Genre That Much More Plausible

It does happen to be too bad that the film will only be released in select theaters on April 5. You'll find it on VOD on April 17. Perhaps it'll make quite the splash the Blair Witch did back in the day.

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

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