SCARY HORROR STUFF: HEREDITARY Has Become a "Different" Kind of Hit on the Silver Screen
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

HEREDITARY Has Become a "Different" Kind of Hit on the Silver Screen

This isn't, of course, an isolated incident when a film somehow becomes a hit but is terribly eviscerated by none other than the audience! That's right: the very audience that would go see a film and make a studio tons of money ends up actually not liking it. One of those situations where the pure marketing and the critical acclaim puts the butts in seats, but those butts don't like being in the seats at all once they're well into the movie -- which that film is HEREDITARY.

HEREDITARY Made An Amazing $13MM Over the Weekend, But....

We know what you're thinking (*cough cough* Infinity War, Star Wars, blah blah). $13MM isn't a whole lot to scream about until you realize that the film only cost a measly $10MM to make. After one weekend in theaters, and a film already makes a profit, theoretically that makes the film a hit.

And honestly it has every right to be with a remarkable 92% score on ROTTEN TOMATOES. Word of mouth, people. Word of mouth.

That's not what kills me about this story, though.... Want to know what the audience CINEMASCORE is? That other score detailing how the audience reacted to the film, typically tending to be much higher than what the critics would rave and judge. Such as TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT (all you die-hard Hasbro fans) and maybe even JURASSIC WORLD. We love a good tentpole film even when the film generally sucks and perhaps doesn't have much of a chance for an Oscar or Golden Globe.

Heck, even the more artsy films out there -- while not as "tentpole-ish" -- generally rub some movie-goers the right way, but also won't blow up the box office. Money made doesn't necessarily mean audience satisfaction, people.

It seems, though, that the horror genre has hit a note for critical acclaim but with some loss for appeal.

So You Want to Know What Audiences Thought of HEREDITARY?

Cinemascore currently has it at a sad D+ rating. Wow. And yet this is a film already hailed as a hit.

Consequently, as we've seen before, this isn't isolated. Remember that Jennifer Lawrence flick "MOTHER!"? Repugnant. Controversial. But genius. We saw the same with the moody horror film THE WITCH, which while it ravished critics with a stunning performance ended up only mildly tantalizing audiences with a C- rating on Cinemascore.

....HEREDITARY might actually be the worst great horror film of all time.


Do we like this trend happening right now? Do we like more controversial break-out horror that doesn't necessarily appeal to the masses? Or do we like the dumb, cheap, fun jump-scares more?

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