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Friday, March 5, 2021

Horror’s Fiercest Mothers from ‘Son’ to ‘Rosemary’s Baby’

Horror’s relationship with motherhood is as complicated as motherhood itself. There is no shortage of films that explore the fears and anxieties of raising a child, and it’s amplified in the genre space. Maternal instincts get tested to the extreme, as horror movie moms experience and endure the unthinkable- from monsters to madmen.

While some movie moms crack under pressure or lash out at their kin, others rise to the occasion. Many, like the desperate mom at the center of writer/director Ivan Kavanagh‘s latest, solidify themselves as horror heroes by going through the wringer and proving they’re willing to do anything it takes to protect their children.

Kavanagh’s follow-up to The CanalSon, paints a haunting portrayal of a single mother forced to fight tooth and nail to save her son. It stars Halloween’s Andi MatichakEmile Hirsch, and Luke David Blumm.

RLJE Films is bringing Son to theaters, On Demand, and Digital on March 5. We’re celebrating with a look at horror’s fiercest mothers, from Son to Rosemary’s Baby

Son – Laura

Laura (Matichak) escaped a cult long ago and eventually established a comfortable life in a small town to raise her son (Blumm). One night, strangers show up in David’s room but vanish before the police arrive. Soon after, David falls mysteriously and violently ill. Realizing her past might be catching up to her, Laura takes David on the run. In search of safety and answers, she discovers how far she’s willing to go to keep her son from harm. Laura’s unwavering love for David drives the entire narrative. It forces her to commit some unspeakable acts in the name of protection and defense as evil forces close in around them.

Aliens – Ellen Ripley

This beloved sequel pits two ferocious mothers against each other; heroine Ellen Ripley and the alien queen. Ripley already proved her mettle in the first film, but here she extends that toughness to shield surrogate daughter Newt from encroaching xenomorph danger. The moment Ripley sets a flamethrower to a room of unhatched eggs, though, it triggers one pissed-off queen and heralds in one of the most impressive final acts in horror sequel history. Ripley’s commanding “Get away from her, you bitch” line is a primal anthem of motherhood.

Child’s Play – Karen Barclay

Single mom Karen wants nothing more than to make her son Andy happy. That includes heading into sketchy alleys to barter with strangers to acquire Andy’s most coveted toy; a Good Guy doll. She doesn’t realize until much, much later, that the doll she purchased off the streets happens to be the same one in which serial killer Charles Lee Ray hid his soul. The authorities assume Karen to be mentally unfit to raise her son, compounding her role to guard Andy. Like a true hero, she takes on both the nonbelievers and the iconic killer doll with impressive willpower.

Cujo – Donna Trenton

Donna may not excel at being a great wife, but she does make an excellent mother. While her husband is away on business, she takes her son Tad and her to get the family car repaired. They discover that the mechanic’s Saint Bernard went mad with rabies and killed its owner and neighbor. Trapped inside the vehicle, Donna faces harsh elements as well as the monstrous dog. The mom puts herself in harm’s way, again and again, all for the sake of Tad’s well-being.

The Exorcist – Chris MacNeil

A single mother and popular actress, Chris spares no expense or experimental treatments to heal her mysteriously ailing daughter Regan. Even when Chris grows terrified of her daughter as the Regan she knew seems to get replaced by an evil being capable of murder, mom never gives up. Even at her most vulnerable and broken, Chris keeps trying to find a cure, even seeking out the church for supernatural aid. No one would’ve blamed Chris for fleeing this demonic presence, but she bites back her fears and keeps trying anyway.

Poltergeist – Diane Freeling

Diane Freeling remains a primary, shining example of how far a mother will go to protect her babies from unspeakable horror. When her youngest gets kidnapped into the ether by a malevolent spirit, Diane’s steadfast determination to get her back makes her a pillar of strength in the Freeling household. But her real moment of remarkable glory comes when she volunteers herself, without hesitation, to blindly enter an alternate limbo in the hopes of getting her daughter back.

The Shining – Wendy Torrance

Poor Wendy doesn’t often get the credit she deserves. Compared to her more assertive cinematic counterparts, this movie mom is far meeker. Especially next to Wendy’s volatile husband, Jack. When push comes to shove, and Wendy suspects Jack abused their son, Wendy’s willing to stand up to her intimidating spouse and ensure it doesn’t happen again. Her fear is palpable, and the odds are stacked against her in this haunted hotel. Still, Wendy puts Danny first, ensuring he makes it outside even when she can’t. And even when her possessed husband closes in with an ax. She’s far more formidable than her reputation.

Rosemary’s Baby – Rosemary Woodhouse

Best Horror Films

Rosemary is an eager to please housewife, supportive of her husband’s career ambition, and friendly to new neighbors. For much of Rosemary’s Baby, we only get a glimpse of Rosemary’s maternal instincts through the measures she takes to secure a healthy pregnancy. At first, it’s dutifully taking her bizarre supplements. As Rosemary grows more suspicious of those around her, it’s in the way she seeks out help for her and her unborn baby. The ultimate sign that Rosemary makes for one fierce mother is how quickly she embraces her role as a mother upon discovering that the father is Satan. The fiercest of mothers love their children unconditionally.

See how far Laura will go for her child when Son releases in theaters, On Demand and Digital on March 5.


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