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Monday, May 3, 2021

Over 20 New Horror Movies and Shows Releasing in May 2021!

If you thought last month was packed with horror, get ready for what May has in store. From indie gems and TV shows, to the return of an iconic franchise and so much more, this month is going full speed from the start!

Arriving on VOD via Arrow May 3rd, Threshold tells the lovely tale of a brother and sister (okay, maybe not that lovely since poor ole sis is cursed). Seeking her brother’s help, he embarks on a cross-country endeavor to find an end to the horrors that bind her.

After taking off on another bender, Barry finds himself abducted by aliens. What takes place is a wild night laden with drugs, sex, and debauchery, as the alien visitors take control of his every action. You can catch Fried Barry on Shudder May 7th.

The Devil’s Child follows a nurse striving to work through past trauma, all while she’s taking care of an old psychic whose house holds some threatening secrets. You can catch the film via VOD and streaming May 7th.

You know, with age and experience, if anyone ever said to me, “Hey do you want to check out my underground medical facility?” I’d probably take a step back. Sadly, that is not the case for our young protagonist in Antidote. On May 11th via digital and DVD, viewers can experience one woman’s efforts to escape a place where victims are horrifically tortured, only to be healed via a special antidote.

Also, morgues late at night – perhaps not the best idea. In Morgue, arriving May 11th via digital HD, DVD, and Blu-ray, our protagonist takes on the role of a security guard; throughout his shift, he comes across a variety of supernatural occurrences that will rattle and test his sanity.

‘Benny Loves You’

Benny Loves You will get you to think twice before you throw away those childhood possessions of yours (I’m talking to you who just put away that adorable teddy bear the other day, take it out of storage before it goes on a murderous rampage). Because that’s the sort of blood-soaked journey that takes place in Benny Loves You, as the titular plush toy seeks revenge for being abandoned by its owner. You can catch the flick on May 11th via VOD and on Blu-ray May 25th.

A slasher that takes place on roller blades? Count me in! Death Rink ROLLS its way on-demand May 11th via Wild Eye (wow, quite a lot to be excited for come the 11th!)

From the wild and grim mind of Alexandre Aja, the acclaimed French director brings Oxygen to Netflix on May 12th. Compared to the likes of Crawl, High Tension, and his Hills Have Eyes remake, Oxygen appears to be a more mystery driven narrative. A woman wakes up to find herself trapped in a cryogenic chamber with no memory of how she got there; with limited time before air runs out, she races against the clock to remember who she is.

If season four is anything like the previous season, Castlevania looks to be a bloodbath brimming with top-notch anime action. The final season arrives onto Netflix May 13th.


Netflix’s Haunted continues with more eerie tales of supernatural encounters, aiming to expand the audience’s perception of what hidden secrets lie before our eyes. You can catch the next installment starting May 14th.

You may already be accustomed to the idea of what a Djinn is if you’ve ever seen Aladdin (i.e. the genie who grants wishes). So when it comes to The Djinn, arriving in theatres, digital, and on VOD May 14th, take everything you know about that adorable concept and throw it out the window. When one boy makes an innocent wish, he invites an evil spirit into his home that threatens to harm him.

Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots was nothing short of a captivating, bizarre anthology series when it debuted back in 2019; now roughly two years later, season two arrives onto the streaming platform May 14th, offering viewers more existential humor, drama, and scares.

‘Spiral: From the Book of Saw’

Amy Adams plays a woman who suffers with Agoraphobia and who one day witnesses a violent act. But when she tries to help bring about justice, things are not what they appear to be (or are they?). The Woman In The Window arrives May 14th onto Netflix.

The great horror titan of the aughts returns in Spiral: From the Book of Saw. Featuring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson, many details surrounding Spiral’s plot have been well hidden; at the time of this writing, we know that there is a killer specifically targeting police, with said murderer following a similar path to that of the infamous Jigsaw. You can catch Spiral in theatres May 14th.

This is no Alice In Wonderland knock off. The Mad Hatter follows a group of classmates who take a trip to the ‘Mad Hatter’ mansion; little do they know of the horrors that await them. You can catch The Mad Hatter on May 18th

In need of something more family friendly? Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous is returning for its third season! There are enough thrills and dinosaur goodies to get the little ones all riled up. Season three airs on Netflix May 21st.


Here’s something little kids shouldn’t try – seances (or should they?). When a young girl arrives to her new academy, she’s going to have to deal with a lot more than just classes (like a gruesome death of another student and more than likely some supernatural problems). Seance arrives on digital and on-demand May 21st.

Killer dolphins? Check. Killer octopuses? Check. Killer starfish? Check. In Aquarium of the Dead, this b-horror delight is sure to provide gore and some laughs. The film arrives May 21st.

You know what else arrives on the 21st? Friggin’ Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead! Now that Snyder has given the world a more refreshing Justice League, he offers a second helping of zombie madness (given that it has been 17 years since the release of his Dawn of the Dead remake). You can catch the undead mayhem on Netflix.

Oh but you thought that’s all the 21st had to offer? Well think again because Dementia Part II is also coming your way! In collaboration with Dark Star Pictures, Bloody Disgusting is excited to bring you a tale of gruesome madness. This exciting blend of violence and weirdness promises to provide “midnight horror movie vibes.” Try not to get too grossed out by Dementia Part II when it hits theatres.

‘Army of the Dead’

After witnessing her father kill her mom and brother, Alexis decides to take out dad; in the process though, she develops the ability to see sound (creating an exhilarating sensation). This feeling manifests in Alexis, causing her to crave for more. Sound of Violence comes to on-demand and theatres May 21st as well.

On May 26th, Netflix releases Ghost Lab. Blending science with the supernatural, this Thai horror film looks to explore the existence of ghosts (which will cost our protagonists more than they realize).

In the blood-soaked slasher Skull: The Mask, audiences will come to meet the spirit of Anhangá – the executioner of the god Tahawantinsupay. For those in need of a new slasher, you can catch Skull: The Mask slicing and dicing its way onto Shudder May 27th.

Last but not least – A Quiet Place Part II! John Krasinski returns to direct Emily Blunt and company through a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by monstrous beings. Featuring the likes of Cillian Murphy, A Quiet Place Part II looks to be just as nerve racking as the first film. The sequel tiptoes its way into theatres May 28th.

Please keep in mind that all release dates are subject to change. Have a chilling May and keep a look out for more updates from Bloody Disgusting all month long!

‘A Quiet Place: Part II’


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