Friday, July 23, 2021

Official Art Teases SYFY’s “Day of the Dead” Series Ahead of Comic-Con@Home Panel [Exclusive]

SYFY recently gave a 10-episode series order to a new take on George A. Romero’s “Day of the Dead,” as you may recall, with Steven Kostanski (The Void, Leprechaun Returns, Psycho Goreman) directing four episodes. SYFY is planning to premiere their “Day of the Dead” series this Fall, and we’ll be getting a sneak peek first-look out of Comic-Con@Home this weekend.

The show’s panel will be taking place Sunday, July 25, 2021 at 11am PT, and Bloody Disgusting has been exclusively provided with two pieces of teaser art to whet your appetite!

The artwork comes courtesy of Thomas Tenney, who Cartel Entertainment also worked with on Shudder’s “Creepshow” series. While you wait for the panel, check it out below.

The panel is titled “Day of the Dead: Adapting a Legend.”

“Showrunners Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas, director Steven Kostanski, and cast members Keenan Tracey (Bates Motel) and Natalie Malaika discuss Day of the Dead and premiere a first look at the series with an exclusive trailer. Moderated by SYFY WIRE’s Caitlin Busch, the conversation provides a deep dive into the world of horror, a behind-the-scenes look into the show’s creation, how George A. Romero’s work inspired the producers of the series, and how it pays homage to The Godfather of Zombie’s original famous flesh eaters.”

“Day of the Dead” is the story of six strangers trying to survive the first 24 hours of an undead invasion. This ode to George A. Romero’s famous flesh-eaters reminds us that sometimes all it takes to bring people together is a horde of hungry zombies trying to rip them apart.

Kostanski had told Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew Podcast earlier this year, “[The series] does have ties to the original movie. I can’t go into too many specifics, unfortunately. I’m not really allowed to say much of anything.”

George Romero’s 1985 classic was followed by an unofficial prequel in 2005 as well as two different remakes in 2008 and 2018, none of which were able to hold a candle to Romero’s masterful work. Needless to say, there’s a pretty low bar in place for all things Day of the Dead at this point. Here’s hoping Kostanski and the team can raise it a little bit this year.


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