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Friday, September 10, 2021

10 Great Horror Titles That You Can Stream on Tubi in September

For the horror fan, Tubi has quickly emerged as a popular platform for its impressive genre offerings. The completely free streaming service, meaning no subscriptions or hidden fees, offers an insane selection for viewers with currently over 35,000 titles available. That means a robust catalog of horror; Tubi covers just about every level of horror, from the famous, mainstream titles to the obscure little gem awaiting discovery.

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Tubi is an always-free treasure trove for the genre fan, whether you’re in the mood for comfort watches or deep cuts, old and new alike. Here are ten horror titles to stream this month, from mainstream darlings to obscure titles to put on your radar. And almost all exclusively streaming for free on Tubi.


Orphan is free to watch only on Tubi, but it’ll only be available until the end of the month. With a prequel on the way, there’s no better time than now to catch up on Jaume Collet-Serra’s surprisingly intense thriller. It helps that Vera Farmiga leads the cast as a mother and recovering alcoholic who is struggling to make amends and put her broken family back together. She adopts a young child, Esther, and it becomes apparent that the child isn’t all that she appears.


The film’s title refers to a psychosis triggered by deep space and severe stress. While that does factor into the story, what makes this movie memorable is the non-stop onslaught of monsters. The setup sees two crew members awaken from hypersleep, only to find their missing colleagues, and strange, predatory creatures have overrun the ship. Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster lead the cast in this massive action-horror spectacle. The type of film we don’t get too often these days. Savage kills, fresh creature design, and even a little psychological terror thrown into the mix.


In junior high, outcast Jeremy Melton was ruthlessly rejected by five classmates at the Valentine’s Day dance, then publicly humiliated. In adulthood, those same classmates find themselves getting stalked and picked off, one by one. It’ll end up one bloody Valentine’s evening. It’s a holiday-themed slasher full of excellent set pieces and kills, and the cast offers up several memorable characters, too. 

Burning Bright

As if Kelly doesn’t have enough problems to deal with between her mother’s suicide and caring for her autistic brother, someone has sealed all the doors and windows in her house and let loose a ravenous tiger. She can’t call for help, either, because a hurricane has downed all phone communication. It’s an underseen gem that far exceeds what could’ve been a cheesy thriller. Director Carlos Brooks creates genuine, white-knuckle suspense and employs a real tiger for maximum effect, often through composited shots. The early, overly heavy dramatic exposition scenes may seem daunting at first, but all of that fades away once the tiger is let loose.

The Swerve

Holly (Azura Skye) is a woman on edge, barely holding it together as life’s stressors continue to build. Her husband Rob (Bryce Pinkham) can’t land his promotion and rarely spends time at home. Her kids can’t stop fighting and ignore her. She’s tormented by a mouse loose in her home. Then there’s her high school student with a major crush on her. Once her sister pops back into her life, wielding her emotional baggage like a weapon, Holly unravels. Played like an eerie horror movie, Skye delivers a compelling performance as a woman suffering a breakdown while no one around her seems aware. With an unreliable narrator where reality isn’t entirely as it seems, Holly’s downward spiral builds toward a potent finale.

Tourist Trap: Uncut

Mannequins are already terrifying, with their life-like appearance and vacant eyes. But what if they unhinged their jaws and made eerie sounds as they closed in on their victim for the kill? Pure nightmare fuel. A group of friends discovers this the hard way as they find themselves stranded at a roadside attraction owned by the plucky Mr. Slausen. Of course, things are more than they appear to be as the friends begin disappearing one by one. Released during the golden era of slashers, it’s the creepy mannequins that have made Tourist Trap so memorable. Tubi offers the Uncut version. What does this mean? The earlier Blu-ray release of Tourist Trap trimmed out 5 minutes of runtime, and Uncut is the release that restored that excised footage. So, consider this another good excuse to revisit this gem.


Aenigma is for fans looking to dig a little deeper into horror maestro Lucio Fulci’s work or simply fans of movies that play like a fevered dream. This late ’80s horror movie sees a comatose girl possess a new student at her boarding school so she can enact revenge upon those responsible for her current state. In other words, it’s Fulci’s very ’80s version of Carrie, complete with snails. Expect a lot of snails and ’80s horror weirdness.

The Amazing Mr. X 

This 1948 horror noir thriller, also known as The Spiritualist, oozes atmosphere and style. Two years after becoming a widow, Christine (Lynn Bari) thinks she hears her dead husband calling out to her from the beach. Instead, she finds Alexis (Turhan Bey), a man who seems to know a lot about her and dabbles in the occult. The ghosts from Christine’s past come back to haunt her in this dreamlike noir full of twists. Horror and noir go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and The Amazing Mr. X is a prime example of why.


Written by William Goldman (The Stepford WivesThe Princess Bride), adapted from the novel he also wrote, Magic revolves around a ventriloquist seeking to renew a relationship with his former high school sweetheart. The only problem is that his dummy is the jealous type. That ventriloquist, Corky, is played by Anthony Hopkins. Unlike most killer doll horror movies, Magic favors the psychological, and Hopkins brings intensity to this twisted love story. This movie served as an inspiration to Don Mancini’s original Child’s Play screenplay, which means it’s a perfect watch ahead of the upcoming Chucky series.

The Child (1977)

If you’re in the mood for obscure Halloween fare, Tubi has you covered. The Child follows a recently hired nanny who arrives at her employer’s rural home to find that their eleven-year-old daughter harbors a few very nasty secrets. It’s another entry in the creepy, killer child category of horror but stands out for its bizarre leaps and eerie atmosphere. One memorable jack-o-lantern scare stands out, setting the perfect mood for the Halloween season.

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

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