Friday, August 26, 2022

Cast Members From 1996’s ‘Resident Evil’ Cutscenes Reunite 25 Years Later in New Video [Watch]

Earlier this week, director/producer Andrew Saullo dropped the trailer for his upcoming Resident Evil fan short The Keeper, while also promising more goodies related to the shoot. Well, the first one dropped yesterday, with the trio of original Resident Evil cast members from the game (Charlie KraslavskyGreg Smith and Eric Pirius) sitting down for a little chat.

If you missed it, Saullo originally had contacted the three actors to audition for the role in The Keeper, with Kraslavsky winning the part. But, seeing as the cast had never sat down to chat about their experience working on Resident Evil together, it only made sense to do do. The trio in fact will be reprising their iconic roles in a separate short directed by Saullo.

“For me, it’s just like a dream come true,” says Kraslavsky when asked about stepping into the boots of Chris Redfield once again. “Over the years, I’ve been contacted by a lot of fans who as questions about the filming, but I was always kind of hoping to be able to reprise my role in some way, so this is very exciting.”

“For me it’s a lot of fun as much as anything,” says Greg Smith, who states that he really enjoyed the role of Barry Burton. “It was something that I’d never done before, and it was a good experience. And to have the opportunity to get back at it again was something I’ve always wanted to do.”

“After 25 years, it did seem like we saw each other last week. There was no ‘getting to know you’. It was just right back to the things you remember,” says Pirius, who played the game’s antagonist, Albert Wesker. “And getting back into this world, I would say that I’m getting into it for the first time, but I didn’t really know what was out there surrounding Resident Evil and what it meant to people. And I’ve learned that over the last few years: the letters I’ve received, Facebook [messages]. There’s a lot of meaning here for a lot of people, and I respect that.”

There’s quite a bit of reminiscing in the interview, going over what it was like during the shoot, and how the actors reconnected after 25 years. Much of the talk centres on the Resident Evil fans, who once again were instrumental in tracking down the cast members over the years, which eventually led to then connecting with each other.

Saullo is currently working on his short, which is an adaptation of The Keeper’s Diary, referring to the file written by an Umbrella researcher responsible for the Arklay Laboratory’s animals being prepped for experimentation. Kraslavsky is playing the character of The Keeper in the film, which is expected to have a Kickstarter launched in the near future. Keep an eye on Residence of Evil, who are helping Saullo to spread the word about The Keeper.

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