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Friday, October 21, 2022

Five Horror Movies from 1999 to Pair with ‘V/H/S/99’

Produced by Bloody Disgusting, the hit found footage horror franchise is back with V/H/S/99, now available exclusively on Shudder.

In V/H/S/99, the follow-up to last year’s hugely successful V/H/S/94 – #HailRaatma – a thirsty teenager’s home video leads to horrifying revelations. Capturing the final days of analog as it heads into a new millennium, V/H/S/99 delivers a punk rock attitude and wild horror throughout its five segments.

Why not celebrate accordingly? Let’s party like it’s 1999. We’re pairing each segment in V/H/S/99 with a horror movie from 1999, so you can keep the Y2K vibes going!

Kolobos – Pair with Maggie Levin’s “Shredding”

horror movies 1999 kolobos

Levin’s opening segment in V/H/S/99 captures a ’90s MTV-style energy and aesthetic as it follows a group of pranksters with a CKY-like video series. The teens decide to break into an abandoned music venue for their latest mission for fame, and horror ensues. 

Kolobos follows a group of five young adults that agree to live together in a luxurious mountain cabin while being filmed for three months. It’s a setup akin to MTV’s “Real World,” complete with clashing personalities and backgrounds until the strangers start dying thanks to extravagant traps placed throughout the house. The lo-fi 35mm look and the ’90s MTV vibe make this a great complement to “Shredding.”

The Rage: Carrie 2 – Pair with Johannes Roberts’ “Suicide Bid”

The Rage Carrie 2

Roberts’ segment sees a college pledge so desperate to join a sorority that she’s unable to see how cruel its members are, putting her in grave danger. Literally. “Suicide Bid” puts its sweet protagonist through the wringer as she gets in over her head with a group of sorority bullies. The potential for supernatural retribution gets dangled in the form of a spooky urban legend.

The Rage: Carrie 2 centers around a similarly sweet outcast frequently tormented by her high school’s popular kids. Her burgeoning telekinetic powers help her push back when they push her too far.

Wild Zero – Pair with Flying Lotus’s “Ozzy’s Dungeon”

“Ozzy’s Dungeon” gives a grim horror spin to ’90s kids’ shows like “Legend of the Hidden Temple” and “Double Dare.” Flying Lotus takes it to gruesome, unexpected places from there. It’s a wild ride.

Wild Zero couldn’t be further apart in premise, but it does share that same “anything goes” gonzo energy. There are zombies, aliens, a central love story, and the garage rock band Guitar Wolf, who shred enemies with their instruments and remind you that love has no borders, nationalities, or genders. Like “Ozzy’s Dungeon,” there’s no predicting the bonkers madness here.

Idle Hands – Pair with Tyler MacIntyre’s “The Gawkers”

horror movies 1999

“The Gawkers” builds its story around horny teen boys that develop a potent crush on their beautiful new neighbor. But instead of talking to her, they resort to voyeurism that eventually becomes overly intrusive and deadly. MacIntyre infuses it with his biting sense of humor.

The Halloween comedy-horror movie Idle Hands also follows a teen with a massive crush on the girl next door. Luckily this teen doesn’t become an intrusive voyeur, but unluckily his murderous, possessed hand complicates things.

End of Days – Pair with Vanessa & Joseph Winter’s “To Hell and Back”

End of Days horror movies 1999

“To Hell and Back” is a tale of two filmmakers that opt to document a creepy demon-summoning ritual on New Year’s Eve. Instead of bringing the demon into our world, though, the ritual winds up sending the pair to Hell.

What better to pair with this entry than End of Days? The horror movie that sees Satan attempting to bring the Antichrist into the world on New Year’s Eve. It’s up to Arnold Schwarzenegger to save the new millennium.

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