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Thursday, January 19, 2023

‘Scream VI’ – Identifying All the Franchise Easter Eggs in the Ghostface Shrine!

“I’m something different.” So says Ghostface to Gale Weathers in the new trailer for Scream VI, reinforcing the “New York. New rules.” tagline. And while that may be true, there’s certainly no shortage of references to the past. The trailer reveals Ghostface’s macabre shine featuring wardrobe and props from both past killers and their victims.

Here are all the Scream VI Easter Eggs we spotted in the new trailer…

Steve’s varsity jacket – Ghostface’s first victim in the original Scream is Casey’s boyfriend, Steve (“He’s big and he plays football, and he’ll kick the shit out of you!”). His Woodsboro High School varsity jacket is on a mannequin along with the duct tape that was used to bound him and, it appears, the actual chair he was murdered in.

Stu’s robe – I know a lot of fans want to see Stu return, but all signs point to him being dead. The Hugh Hefner-esque red robe that he rocks over his sweater at the party in Scream is on display.

Stu’s TV – Speaking of Stu’s fate, brightening the footage reveals the TV that crushed his head in the background of the shrine.

Tatum’s outfit – Who could forget the loud outfit that Tatum wore to the house party in Scream? Both the short sleeve turtleneck sweater and the kaleidoscopic skirt are on display.

Billy’s shirt – Billy made a posthumous return in Scream (2022), but his shirt from the original film is prominently displayed. The white tee is stained red with a combination of real blood and corn syrup (“Same stuff they used for pig’s blood in Carrie.”)

Kenny’s hat – A baseball hat is displayed backwards on a mannequin. That has to belong to Kenny, Gale’s ill-fated cameraman from Scream.

Aeschylus props – A mask from Windsor College’s stage production of Aeschylus’ Greek tragedy Agamemnon is featured, along with the sun prop on which Derek was crucified before being shot in Scream 2.

Debbie’s outfit – The blazer that Debbie Salt (AKA Nancy Loomis) wears during Scream 2‘s big reveal is on a mannequin, accompanied by the pistol she used to shoot Mickey.

Stab 3 production materials – The slate from the set of Stab 3, a script for the movie, and a film reel from Scream 3 are visible.

Fax machineScream 3‘s infamous, electricity-defying fax machine can be glimpsed, half charred as the result of the explosion that killed Tom.

Frying pan – Bodyguard Steve Stone is hit with a frying pan after being stabbed in the back by Ghostface, and that very pan appears to be part of the collection.

Olivia’s shirt – Olivia suffered one of the franchise’s most grisly demises in Scream 4, and Ghostface has her bloody, tattered shirt to prove it.

Jill’s outfit – Sorry for those hoping for Jill to return, but her bloody flannel shirt from Scream 4 seems to confirm that she’s gone for good. But hey, at least Kirby is back!

Woodsboro Police uniform – A bloody Woodsboro Police uniform can be seen behind Dermot Mulroney. It’s hard to tell for sure, but it could belong to Dewey from Scream or Scream 2 or either Hoss or Perkins from Scream 4.

Gale Weathers books – Several of Gale’s books — including College Terror, Hollywood Horror: the True Story of Stab 3, Knife of Doom, Clock of Doom, and Knife of the Hunter — can be seen in a display case.

Ghostface robes – Nine different black robes are carefully arranged on stage. That’s one for each killer (Billy, Stu, Mickey, Debbie, Roman, Charlie, Jill, Amber, and Richie), so our new Ghostface is nothing if not thorough.

Stab memorabilia – A case full of Stab memorabilia features a mask, fake knife, and costume like the ones handed out in the opening of Scream 2, along with Blu-rays, a shirt, and more.

Woodsboro High flag – What appears to be a Woodsboro High flag hangs from a flagpole. The school is prominently featured in both the original Scream and Scream (2022).

Bloody knife – The trailer shows Sam inspecting a bloody knife from the Ghostface collection. Although its origin is impossible to define, I wonder if it’s from the events of Scream (2022) — perhaps the one she used to kill Richie — given Sam’s attraction to it.

Various character sketches can also be seen throughout the shrine, along with other Easter Egg objects I wasn’t able to identify from the brief glimpses we get in the Scream VI trailer.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

Scream VI Easter Eggs trailer

Scream VI Easter Eggs shrine

Scream VI Easter Eggs ghostface shrine

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!