Wednesday, April 5, 2023

‘Meet Your Maker’ Now Available for PC and Consoles, Will Feature Regular Content Updates [Trailer]

Behaviour Interactive’s first-person building and raiding game Meet Your Maker is now live on PC and consoles for you to unleash your inner Jigsaw and construct your own devious traps. In addition, Behaviour has laid out the postlaunch roadmap for Meet Your Maker, which includes a regular pace of updates to bring new content to the game.

Starting in two weeks, Meet Your Maker will see regular content updates that will influence the game’s meta, all culminating in late June 2023 with the arrival of the game’s first major content update with Sector 1: Dreadshore. In fact, the team has already laid out a preview of what to expect on April 18th with the first content drop:

  • New Hellscape Deco Pack: Free/Instant Access (April 18)
    • 2 Blocks (each available in 3 shapes)
    • 2 Props
    • 1 Animated Prop
    • 8 Decals
  • New Mods and Augments: Free/Unlockable with Playtime (Regular Drops)
  • Major Content Update – Sector 1: Dreadshore (End of June)
    • 1 New Environment (Free/Instant Access)
    • 1 New Deco Pack (Free/Instant Access)
    • 4 New Gameplay Elements (Unlockable via playtime or purchasable on PlayStation, Xbox, or Steam)
      • Custodian + Perks
      • Weapon + Upgrades
      • Trap + Mods
      • Guard + Augments
    • 1 New Cosmetic Collection (Purchasable on PlayStation, Xbox or Steam)

And if you’re looking for some DLC right away, you can spring for the Scorched Necropolis DLC on PC or consoles right now, which includes:

  • Scorched Necropolis Deco Pack
    • 2 Blocks (available in 3 shapes each): Limestone, Golden Age
    • 3 Props: Winged Molding, Temple Light, Spinning Enigma
    • 8 Decals
  • 1 Scorched Necropolis Weapon Skin
    • Sunclaw
  • 2 Scorched Necropolis Custodian Skins
    • Desert Cyclops, Gilded Warrior

And seeing as Dead by Daylight is Behaviour Interactive’s established title, of course you’ve got a crossover with Meet Your Maker. To celebrate the launch, there’s unique cross-promotional content in both games. The rewards are automatically available to the players who own both games. No extra steps needed.

For Meet Your Maker players, you’ve got the Dead by Daylight deco pack, which includes:

  • 2 Building blocks inspired by the Macmillan Estate Realm
  • 1 Animated Generator Prop
  • 1 Pallet Prop
  • 1 Basement Light Prop
  • An assortment of decals including Scratch marks, Blood Trails, Bunny Feng, Nea’s Grafiti, and more.

And for Dead by Daylight players:

  • A very rare Pentekath’s Suit for Meg Thomas
  • 3 unique Killer weapons for The Trapper (Crunching Blade), The Huntress (Toothed Axe), and The Wraith (Biomechanical Spine)

Meet Your Maker is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Check out Aaron’s take on the game while you wait for the download to complete.

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