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‘The Exorcist: Believer’ First Footage Description – Ellen Burstyn Returns 50 Years Later

Announced last night during CinemaCon, David Gordon Green‘s upcoming relaunch of The Exorcist has been officially titled The Exorcist: Believer, and it’s a sequel to the original classic. CinemaCon attendees were also shown the very first trailer for the movie last night, and while it’s not available online, THR has shared a description of the footage.

Most notably, the first-look footage at CinemaCon spotlighted the return of original The Exorcist star Ellen Burstyn, who will be reprising her 1973 role as Chris MacNeil!

The Hollywood Reporter recaps, “The Exorcist: Believer kicks off after the Devil take over the bodies of two children. In the trailer, a father drops off his daughter at school, however she and a friend go missing after school. When they are found in the woods, they seem changed and unaware that they were gone three days, believing it’d been just a few hours.

“At another point in the trailer, one of the girls — covered in communion wine — walks into a church mass, screaming at the priest: “The body and the blood!” Finally, the parents call upon Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn, who is reprising her role from the original film). She attempts to help the girls, one of whom has been carving her daughter’s name on her stomach.”

Again, this The Exorcist: Believer trailer is NOT available online, so don’t bother going to look for it. But we do expect some official marketing to hit the net soon. Stay tuned.

Gordon Green is directing the brand new sequel to The Exorcist for Universal, Blumhouse and Morgan Creek that will pave the way for a new trilogy. The first film in the trilogy will be released theatrically on October 13, 2023, with Leslie Odom Jr. starring.

The first plot details we were provided with last year tease, “Odom Jr. will play the father of a possessed child. Desperate for help, he tracks down Ms. Burstyn’s character.”

Ann Dowd (Hereditary), Lidya Jewett (Netflix’s Nightbooks), Raphael Sbarge (“Gaslit”), Jennifer Nettles (The Righteous Gemstones), and Olivia Marcum are also on board.

Peter Sattler (Broken Diamonds) and Gordon Green wrote the script for Believer, which features a story by Green, Scott Teems (Halloween Kills) and Danny McBride (Halloween).

The Exorcist franchise hasn’t been on the big screen since the 2005 release of Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist, an alternate version of the previous year’s Exorcist: The Beginning. Those films came in the wake of 1977’s The Exorcist II: The Heretic and 1990’s The Exorcist III.

More recently, “The Exorcist” became a short-lived television series at Fox, which was surprisingly excellent and cleverly took place in the same world as the original classic.

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