Monday, May 29, 2023

Five Nyctophobia-Based Horror Movies to Stream This Week

Nyctophobia is an irrational fear of the dark, leaving many reaching for a night light. Horror, and the creatures that lurk within it, thrive on darkness. Light becomes a weapon against them.

The Boogeyman, releasing in theaters on June 2, presents the latest monstrous foe to terrorize unsuspecting victims from the darkest recesses of their homes. So, this week’s streaming picks are dedicated to supernatural entities and monsters with an extreme aversion to light.

Here’s where you can stream these five titles this week.

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The Hallow – AMC+, Tubi

The Hallow

This dark fairytale is part creature feature, part body horror, and all Irish folktale. Corin Hardy’s feature debut follows a British plant conservationist and his family as they discover the hard way what it means to ignore warning signs and invade the territory of fairies, banshees, and changelings. There’s nothing sweet or cute about these deadly creatures. As the beings descend upon his home and attempt to steal the baby, it becomes evident that one of the most significant assets in this fight for survival is light; the light repels these monsters.

Gremlins – Max


Breaking the mandates of the Mogwai transforms the sleepy little town of Kingston Falls into a chaotic battleground against a horde of menacing Gremlins in Joe Dante’s holiday classic. Inventor Randall Peltzer (Hoyt Axton) gifts his son, Billy (Zach Galligan), a strange new pet for Christmas. The adorable little Mogwai, named Gizmo, comes with strict rules for care but no explanation on why they’re so important. Sunlight will kill a Mogwai, which is both good and bad news, depending on the circumstances. And Billy manages to uncover them all in this darkly comedic gateway horror movie.

Nightbreed – freevee, Peacock, Plex, Pluto TV, Roku, Screambox, Tubi


In this Clive Barker film based on his novella Cabal, Aaron Boone (Craig Sheffer) dreams of a mystical city where monsters dwell. After being framed for murder, Boone travels to find the city, Midian. Nightbreed isn’t just a story about Boone’s new beginning as a citizen of Midian; his arrival changes everything for the monsters and those seeking to destroy them. For many in Nightbreed, death is only the beginning. Sunlight is lethal for many of Midian’s residents, but you’re rooting for them to survive this time.

Pitch Black – Netflix

Pitch Black

After crash landing on a desert planet, the crew and passengers of a commercial freight ship soon discover why it’s been seemingly abandoned when a rare eclipse begins. As the world descends into pitch-black darkness, underground aliens erupt onto the surface for a feeding frenzy. Survival will be extremely tough for the humans. The sci-fi horror movie launched a Riddick (Vin Diesel) franchise, but the Bioraptors nearly upstaged him. These predatorial and often cannibalistic aliens’ only prominent vulnerability is photosensitivity. These aliens are built for ripping prey apart, and the overwhelming number of them on the attack makes them more deadly than anything else on this list, especially with so few places to hide.

The Power – AMC+, Shudder

The Power

Rose Williams as Val – The Power – Photo Credit: Laura Radford/Shudder

Writer/Director Corinna Faith uses the late 1973 rolling blackouts that plunged London into darkness every night, caused by a miners’ strike, as a backdrop for this hospital-set haunter. Faith uses a familiar period ghost story as a foundation to create a psychologically powerful tale full of claustrophobic dread and nyctophobia-induced scares. Rose Williams stars as the young nurse targeted by a malevolent presence that feeds on the dark, which is bad news considering the city is inundated by it.

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