Friday, July 28, 2023

Opening a Discussion Portal Into ‘OXENFREE II: Lost Signals’ [Safe Room Podcast]

The concept of a standalone sequel feels like a relic of a bygone era. Sequels that co-exist within an established game world but can be enjoyed on their own. And as studios emphasize building franchises, sequels that are an immediate continuation of what came before it is almost entirely the industry’s standard approach. Color me surprised when I discovered that OXENFREE II: Lost Signals is largely a standalone sequel crafting a wholly new story that doesn’t require the original to play.

If you had played the original Oxenfree, you’d have more insight into what is happening and pick-up nods to past events, but it is absolutely not required. Rather than directly continuing Alex’s journey in the original, the player meets newcomer Riley, who has taken a summer job in her coastal hometown of Camena. OXENFREE II picking up five years after the original game’s events, the player may be surprised by how little OXENFREE II is concerned with dredging up the past. 

Allowing the sequel to explore new characters and a more extensive setting allows OXENFREE II to stand on its own right rather than being a conventional sequel. And while the game’s narrative will eventually become interwoven with the originals, OXENFREE II is a game that newcomers can enjoy without feeling overly alienated.

So for this week’s episode, Neil and I discuss the inclusion of new characters, the all-new setting of Camena, and how this sequel inevitably ties into the lineage of that which came before it. – Jay Krieger

And in this week’s Horror Bytes, we solve a micro murder mystery in Raspberry Wine and head to the Arctic for research in Siren Call.

Next week sees a review roundup of recent horror games including My Friendly Neighborhood, Exoprimal, Remnant II, and Xenonauts II.

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