Monday, August 14, 2023

Five Killer Doll Horror Movies to Stream This Week

There’s something inherently unsettling about inanimate objects that move on their own accord. Especially if they happen to resemble people. Which is what makes dolls so perfect for the horror genre; the uncanny valley of it all heightens the fear response in audiences.

This week’s streaming picks belong to the killer doll subgenre. These pint-sized homicidal maniacs deliver plenty of scares, heart, humor, and occasionally a great fashion sense.

As always, here’s where you can stream them this week.

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Asylum – Fandor, freevee, Plex, Pluto TV, Roku Channel, SCREAMBOX, Shout TV, Tubi

Ayslum "Mannequins of Horror" doll

This Amicus Production feature sets its wraparound in an asylum, where a doctor arrives for a job interview. His interviewer subjects him to an unorthodox interview process, which entails four tales of terror. The final segment before the epilogue, “Mannikins of Horror,” introduces a mad scientist type in Dr. Byron, who reveals his experimentations in transferring the human spirit into tiny automaton dolls. The reign of doll terror spills over into the wraparound, with the creepy human-like mannequin getting murderous and sparking a grim finale.

Curse of Chucky – Starz

Curse of Chucky

With the Halloween season looming on the immediate horizon, surely that means a new season of “Chucky” is also around the corner. Or perhaps that’s wishful thinking. Whether it’s to get into the spooky season spirit or brush up on Child’s Play franchise lore, it’s a great time to watch this fantastic entry. In Curse of Chucky, the doll gets a makeover and mysteriously shows up at the house of paraplegic Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif). Only in the third act are ties to the previous installments revealed. The introduction to franchise mainstay Nica and a reinvigorating commitment to scares make this tonal reboot sequel stand out.

Dolls – Pluto TV, Tubi

Killer Doll Horror - Stuart Gordon's Dolls

“Toys are very loyal, and that’s a fact.” From the perspective of little Judy, a sweet little girl with a love of toys, the Gothic mansion belonging to Gabriel and Hilary Hartwicke is a dream come true. Not only are they far kinder than her father and stepmother, but the estate is filled with dolls, puppets, and toys. However, if you’re a jerk adult, the mansion is a death trap. While this Stuart Gordon-directed fairy tale draws clear lines between the innocent and the morally corrupt deserving of their fate, it’s still really creepy to see them meet their doom at the hands of the dolls. Even creepier is what happens to them after the dolls attack.

M3GAN – Prime Video

M3GAN Blu-ray

M3GAN reunited producer James Wan and screenwriter Akela Cooper, responsible for 2021’s highly entertaining Malignant, and put Housebound’s Gerard Johnstone at the helm. It resulted in a murderous killer doll with style and dance moves, ensuring the year kicked off with a meme-able horror comedy that had everyone talking. This pick is for those looking to catch up on 2023 horror offerings and those looking to prepare for the Halloween season; the fashionable doll will surely dominate the costumes this year.

Magic – AMC+, Crackle, freevee, Kanopy, Peacock, SCREAMBOX, Shudder, Tubi


The ventriloquist dummy at the center of this horror film, Fats, was so creepy that the TV spots had to be taken off the air during the promotion of Magic. The 30-second ad featuring Fats was enough to cause nightmares in children, scarring some for life. Who can blame them? Ventriloquist dummies are a particular brand of horror on their own, but one as menacing as Fats? That he resembles his human counterpart, Corky Withers (Anthony Hopkins, who also voices Fats), probably doesn’t help either. Ventriloquists and their dummies have nightmarish co-dependency issues in horror, which drives this fantastic psychological horror feature from director Richard Attenborough and writer William Goldman.

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