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Spirit Halloween: 10 Costumes That Aren’t Barbie and Ken

There’s going to be a lot of Barbie and Ken costumes this Halloween, so horror fans need to work extra hard to keep it spooky this season. Thankfully, Spirit Halloween has us covered. Here are 10 horror costumes available now:

Scream VI‘s Ghost Face – $39.99

New York, new rules, new costume. Recreate Ghost Face’s aged look from Scream VI with this costume, which includes the iconic mask, robe, and belt. Ask your friends about their favorite scary movie and see if they can identify the slasher behind the mask.

Godzilla vs. Kong – $69.99

The MonsterVerse is alive and well with Monarch: Legacy of Monsters debuting on Apple TV+ next month and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire hitting theaters in 2024. Godzilla and Kong make for an unconventional couples pairing. The inflatable costumes come with a battery-operated fan, belt clip battery pack, and a pair of battle-ready gloves.

The Nun – $59.99

The greatest evil in The Conjuring Universe recently returned in The Nun II, and now Valak can possess you. The deluxe costume, which includes a mask and habit, will have trick-or-treaters praying for forgiveness.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space – $59.99

Need a group costume for three? Celebrate 35 years of Killer Klowns from Outer Space with three of the titular clowns. Shorty includes a mask, jumpsuit, collar, and gloves. Spikey includes a mask, jumpsuit, and collar. Jumbo includes a half mask and jumpsuit.

Saw‘s Billy the Puppet – $59.99

If it’s Halloween, it must be Saw. With Saw X putting the franchise’s back in the spotlight, play a game with trick-or-treaters as Billy the Puppet. The costume comes with a mask, jacket with attached vest, dickie, bowtie, pants, and gloves. A “sexy” version is also available.

Hocus Pocus‘ Dani Dennison – $44.99

With this year marking Hocus Pocus‘ 30th anniversary, there’s sure to be plenty of Sanderson sisters running amok this Halloween. Stand out from the pack as Dani Dennison, a costume that comes in “tween” sizes with the dress, hat, jacket, and scarf.

Terrifer’s Art the Clown – $59.99

Art the Clown is Halloween’s newest icon, and you can really get your money’s worth by wearing the jumpsuit and gloves again to see Terrifier 2 in theaters on November 1 (where you’ll also get the first look at Terrifier 3). The mask is sold separately, or you can use face paint to put your own spin on Art.

M3GAN – $59.99

She’s more than a toy. She’s a costume. M3GAN had one of the best marketing campaigns of last year, with actresses in M3GAN garb appearing everywhere from NFL halftime shows to the Empire State Building. Practice your dance moves in this dress with bow in preparation for M3GAN 2.0 in 2025.

Frankenstein – $49.99

It’s alive! The Universal monster movies are a perfect way to set a spooky yet family-friendly Halloween atmosphere, and Frankenstein is my favorite of the bunch. Push the boundaries of life and death with this with his classic monster costume that includes a half-mask, neck bolts, and stitched-up jacket.

Alien Pick Me Up – $59.99

This out-of-this-world costume isn’t based on a horror movie, but its timing is perfect after No One Will Save You — praised by everyone from Stephen King to Guillermo del Toro — and the recent congressional hearing on extraterrestrial life. The inflatable costume, complete with a battery-operated fan, makes it look like an alien is abducting you.

Find these costumes and more at your local Spirit Halloween store or online at

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