Monday, October 16, 2023

Vanimals’ ‘UNDYING’ Pushed to December 7th Early Access Exit

As the Steam page update for Vanimals’ UNDYING rightly states, October has way too many games. As such, the upcoming zombie survival game will not be exiting Early Access tomorrow, but has now been pushed to a December 7th release.

“Unfortunately, as we’ve all been learning – there are TOO MANY VIDEO GAMES, and the original date was a difficult window to squeeze into,” says Vanimals in the press release. “Realizing it’s better to wait a few more weeks than to get drowned out by a certain devilish launch, we decided to push our date out a bit.”

The team acknowledges that the delay will give them extra time to polish UNDYING even further, as well as “include some extra goodies for everyone to enjoy at launch” in the form of more cosmetics. Vanimals will have more news between now and the launch of UNDYING regarding their plans.

UNDYING immerses players in the heart-wrenching story of Anling and Cody as they survive the relentless tide of the undead. You play as Anling, who has recently been bitten by a zombie. As such, her days are limited. She must now fight to survive, not for herself but her young son, Cody. You must not only protect Cody, but also search for safety, and teach him survival skills. All the while, Anling must fight her zombie urges, or at the very least minimize their influence over her.

Currently available on Steam and Epic Game Store, UNDYING will also be coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2024, with ports to other platforms to follow.

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