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Monday, November 6, 2023

Five Snowy Slasher Movies to Stream This Week

It may not officially be Winter just yet, but the temps are dropping and the snow has already arrived for some. The holidays are also rapidly approaching in the wake of Halloween.

This week brings snowy holiday slasher It’s a Wonderful Knife to theaters, another reason to get cozy with wintry horror. There’s something magical about blankets of snow and icy landscapes getting splattered with blood. Ahead of It’s a Wonderful Knife, this week’s streaming picks are dedicated to snowy slasher movies that bring the chills in multiple ways.

Here’s where you can stream them this week.

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Black Christmas (2006) – AMC+, freevee, Kanopy, Vudu

Black Christmas 2006

This remake doesn’t hold a candle to its predecessor, but it does up the ante on the gore and violence tenfold. Directed and co-written by Glen Morgan, Black Christmas 2006 brings its killer more fully into the fold, fleshing out a gruesome backstory. No pun intended; one of the most creative and grisly deaths sees Billy using cookie cutters to cut out the flesh from his victim before baking it up and eating it. Yum. While it won’t bring any cozy feelings, this slasher is for the gorehounds that adore inventive kills and catty sorority sisters.

Cold Prey – Roku Channel

cold prey

A group of five friends snowboarding in a secluded area of the mountains in Jotunheimen are forced to find shelter when one breaks their leg. They take refuge in a deserted lodge, wholly abandoned save for the homicidal maniac dubbed the Mountain Man. Cold Prey is a fantastic modern slasher with a stunning snowy backdrop that contributes to the group’s fight for survival. Suspenseful, brutal, and with one of horror’s most underrated final girls in Jannicke.

Curtains – Peacock, Roku Channel

Curtains - snowy slasher

Six young actresses spend their weekend at a remote mansion enduring what may be the most eccentric audition for a movie role. Naturally, it’s the perfect setting for a masked killer to start picking them off one by one, and it just so happens to be winter. There aren’t too many slashers set in icy weather, and Curtains takes full advantage of its winter setting. The most memorable kills involve the creepy masked killer using the weather against the victims, including the film’s best death sequence set on a frozen pond. Sickles and ice skating equal bad news.

Terror Train – Plex, Redbox, Roku Channel

Terror Train

Terror Train follows a masked killer targeting six college students responsible for a botched prank as they party away at a costume party on a moving train for New Year’s. Naturally, that makes the weather outside as frightful as the masked killer. Terror Train makes for the more entertaining of the two Jamie Lee Curtis revenge slashers released in 1980, the other being Prom Night. Not only does the inciting prank kick off the slasher’s mean streak, but the killer always wears the costume of his previous victim, making for a fun twist on a typical masked villain.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow – Pluto TV, Tubi

The Wolf of Snow Hollow

Writer/Director Jim Cummings stars as Officer John Marshall, a recovering alcoholic struggling to raise a teenage daughter while contending with an angry ex-wife and caring for his ailing father. When a series of brutal murders that coincide with the full moon strikes his snowy little town, Officer Marshall’s tenuous control over his life threatens to buckle under the pressure to catch the killer. All while reminding himself that werewolves don’t exist. While the deaths get bloody, and victims don’t go gently into the good night, they take a backseat to Officer Marshall and the Snow Hollow police department’s quest to find the killer. That means that this horror-comedy uses the framework of a slasher, playing in the background of one darkly comical character study.

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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!