Friday, November 17, 2023

Horror Management Sim ‘The Kindeman Remedy’ Out Now on Steam; Console Versions Coming Next Year [Trailer]

After enjoying the spotlight last June during Steam Next Fest, Troglobytes Games’ psychological horror management game The Kindeman Remedy is out now on PC via Steam. The Kindeman Remedy will also be heading to the PlayStation, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch in 2024.

The spiritual successor to Bad Vices Games’ Ravenous Devils, The Kindeman Remedy centres on Dr. Carl Kindeman, a once-renowned anesthesiologist and respected member of the medical community, who has fallen from grace, and now serves as a medical resident at Thompson Island Prison. Effectively exiled by his peers for conducting heinous human experiments, Dr. Kindeman must find a way to continue his treasured research under the guise of nursing sickly inmates back to health alongside the cunning Sister Anna.

Toggle between Dr. Kindeman and Sister Anna through day and night cycles, administering hazardous treatments to ailing inmates. Beware of Dr. Simon Jonathan Black, whose distrust of Dr. Kindeman drives him to plant watchful eyes everywhere, waiting for the first hint of a fatal error. Concoct elixirs by mixing various poisons, herbs, and questionable substances. Navigate chilling environments throughout the prison, conducting grotesque experiments in surgery rooms, the morgue, execution chambers, and other sinister locations.

Challenge and torture the human psyche, observing as inmates squirm in pain thanks to tools like razors, acid, saws, choke pears, and many more. Encounter fellow colleagues along the way, including Warden Norton, a corrupted guard named Ronnie, and other shady characters with equally-shady motives.

The Kindeman Remedy serves as a spiritual successor to Ravenous Devils, which we ported and published,” said Saverio Caporusso of Troglobytes Games. “We’re thrilled to partner with 3D Realms for its publishing expertise to help bring this dark and twisted management sim to horror fans globally.”

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