Tuesday, February 13, 2024

PC Release of ‘The Thaumaturge’ Delayed to March 4

After delaying their dark fantasy RPG The Thaumaturge from a December release, Fool’s Theory and 11 bit studio have announced that the game will be delayed again. Instead of a February 20th release on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, The Thaumaturge will now arrive on March 4. As before, the PC release will be followed by releases on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series at a later date.

According to the developers, The Thaumaturge is complete. However, “taking February’s busy launch period into account and the opening for a better release window, we’ve decided to take this opportunity to give The Thaumaturge more breathing room so it receives the attention we believe it deserves.”

Fool’s Theory is correct in that the slate for February is a busy one. Alongside titles such as Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden (which arrives today), players also have the upcoming remaster of Tomb RaiderI-III (arriving tomorrow), Slave Zero X (February 21), Pacific Drive (February 22), and Welcome to ParadiZe (February 29).

Fool’s Theory also states that the delay will also allow the team time to further polish the game “so that your journey through the streets of 1905 Warsaw is even more enjoyable.”

The Thaumaturge is a narrative-focused RPG that takes place in 1905 Warsaw. You are Wiktor Szulski, who is drawn back to Warsaw by family matters. Wiktor also happens to have the gift of thaumaturgy. This turns out to be vital, as only a thaumaturge can tame the demonic entities known as Salutors, which feed on human flaws, but can also gift those who tame the Salutors with unique powers. It’s up to Wiktor to uncover these Salutors and free his people from their grip.

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