Thursday, July 11, 2024

Open World Survival Horror Title ‘Vorax’ Enters Early Access on Steam on July 18th [Trailer]

After showing off the gory goodies over the past year, the long road to release for IndieGala’s Survival Horror game Vorax is almost over. Coinciding with a new teaser trailer that encapsulates what you’ll expect in the game, Vorax will enter Early Access on Steam on July 18th.

“The journey to this point has been one of relentless effort, passion and dedication,” reads the latest news update from IndieGala. “Over the past three years, our team has poured blood, sweat, and tears into finding the perfect balance between survival and horror mechanics. We hope we have succeeded, we will submit to your judgment and we will always try to improve during Early Access.”

The developers also took the opportunity to lay out just what to expect in Early Access for Vorax, which will remain in the service for “at least a year.” Coupled with community feedback, the team plans on adding “tons of new content over the next year” for the game, aiming to create “the best survival horror experience out there.” Some of that new content is as follows:

  • First-person surveillance drone and kamikaze drone mechanics, which can be found in the game or crafted
  • Flamethrower and fire-spreading weapons mechanics, with fire being spread onto enemies and objects
  • Lighting mechanics that allow players to stun/blind photosensitive enemies
  • New vehicles with emphasis on military ones
  • New secondary bosses
  • New monsters, new puzzles, and new NPCs

Vorax is set on a Mediterranean island that’s been besieged by a mysterious pathogen that’s turned the local populace into horrifying monsters. An army battalion sent to quarantine the population has predictably lost all communication. As a merc sent to investigate, your helicopter crashes on the island, stranding you with low supplies. You’ll need to craft tools, build barricades, fences, and traps as well as find, upgrade, and maintain your shelter to survive while trying to discover the origins of the virus.

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