Monday, August 17, 2020

[Horror Queers Podcast] Courting Controversy in Every Conceivable Way with ‘Island of Death’

“Fuck the Kid”

Vacation month rolls on! After a failed attempt at cave-diving last week with The Descent, Trace and I are headed off to Mykonos to party with Nico Mastorakis. That’s right, we’re checking out infamous 1976 exploitation/video nasty Island of Death, which earns its spot on the list by including virtually everything audiences could possibly be shocked or offended by!

For real, though, folks: please take note of the serious content warning here.

In the film, newlyweds Christopher (Robert Behling) and Celia (Jane Lyle) escape to Mykonos to initiate a murder spree, dispatching anyone they deem a “pervert”. Their targets include American police officer Foster (Gerard Gonalons), 40/45-year-old cougar Patricia (Jessica Dublin) and comely lesbian bartender Leslie (Jannice McConnell), all of whom are dispatched in gruesome and punitive ways. Will the couple be apprehended by police or does the mysterious Shepherd in Celia’s dreams portend doom?

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Episode 86 – Island of Death (1976)

Vacation Month continues with a trip to beautiful – and exceedingly queer – Mykonos and Nico Mastorakis’ notorious exploitation/video nasty film, Island of Death. This is the Stefon of horror films because it has EVERYTHING: bestiality, incest, targeted homophobic violence, misogyny, rape and so much more (please pay attention to the content warning!)

After the film’s lengthy production history and categorization in the UK’s notorious list of video nasties (thanks for the background info, Anya Stanley!), we compare our readings of the film. Trace says it’s merely shock value while Joe argues it’s a comedy about religious hypocrisy (Mastorakis himself would say it’s nothing more than an opportunity to make money!)

Plus: comparisons to Silent Night, Deadly Night 2, Haneke, and Last House on the Left; Trace’s forgetful history with onscreen bestiality; and logistical advice for water sports. Finally, we make a special request for Greek listeners: is your name Nico and did you work on this film?

Cross out Island of Death!

Coming up on Wednesday: We’re moving on from Greece and headed to Fiji to check out an unhinged Lucy Hale in Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island from earlier this year.

– Joe & Trace

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