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Monday, March 1, 2021

Menacing March: 19 New Horror Movies Releasing This Month!

Spring is around the corner, and the sun will be shining once more, but there’s still plenty to be terrified of in March. Here’s all the new horror headed your way this month.

A lonely hairdresser finds herself obsessed with clients, leading to one too many bloody scalps. Director/producer Jill Gevargizian’s The Stylist snips its way onto ARROW March 1st. In her review of the film, Meagan Navarro of Bloody Disgusting shares that The Stylist is “an elegant character study of a psychopath on the brink of self-destruction.”

Undead Satan worshipping knights haunting people in a post-apocalyptic world? You’ll be able to find this and more in Raffaele Picchio’s Curse of the Blind Dead when it hits VOD and DVD March 2nd.

If you had some guy stalking you night after night with no one willing to help, you’d probably take matters into your own hands. That’s the case for May when a figure continues to come after her. You can find Lucky on Shudder March 4th.

In a new animated chapter in the Pacific Rim franchise, a pair of siblings find themselves searching for their parents, piloting a Jaeger and battling Kaiju along the way. Pacific Rim: The Black crashes onto Netflix March 4th.

“Pacific Rim: The Black”

After a failed attempt to kidnap her son, Laura runs away with her boy David; as he begins to suffer from psychosis, she takes to drastic matters to keep him alive. Son eerily makes its way onto digital, on-demand, and theatres March 5th

But that’s not all, for there’s more horror under the surface come March 5th! The Devil Below follows a team of researchers who find themselves under Appalachian country exploring coal mines, the caverns containing a terrifying secret. You can venture underground with The Devil Below via select theaters and VOD.

Stay Out of the Attic, coming to Shudder March 11th, follows a group of movers who uncover Nazi experiments and a variety of threats in a creepy home. It will take all their strength and wits if they are to survive and make it to their next gig.

Block Island Sound revolves around Audrey and her dad, the latter who isn’t in the best of places. When dad become more and more unhinged, he places Audrey’s life in danger. In his review for Bloody Disgusting, Joe Lipsett calls the thriller, “[…] a daring horror mish-mash that is well worth seeking out.” You can catch Block Island Sound on Netflix March 11th.

The power of dreams is fascinating and chilling; the means in which we can find ourselves in lovely fantasies, or the most horrifying. A runaway teen finds herself in such a disturbing place when undergoing a sleep study – the results blurring the line of reality. Come True comes to VOD and select theatres March 12th.


In collaboration with Dark Star Pictures, Bloody Disgusting is proud to share this gripping new tale. A young couple seek shelter with an elderly farmer and her odd son. As time goes on, they begin to have bizarre cravings and endure other spooky disturbances. Honeydew promises one hell of a weird and uncomfortable trip, one you can embark on come March 12th in limited theatres.

Perhaps we can lighten the mood a little though? In the new horror-comedy Hawk + Rev, Hawk dreams of being a vampire hunter. While his life has turned out more boring than expected, things sort of look up when vampires start appearing. Joining forces with the simpleminded Rev, the two do what they can to save their town from the blood-sucking menace. You can find this humorous bloody romp March 16th via digital HD internet, cable and satellite platforms, and DVD.

Need a few more chuckles to even out the existential brutality of life? Shudder has you covered with Slaxx, arriving March 18th. Two words: Killer jeans. You’re welcome.

Phobias looks to be a disturbing, intriguing work of psychological horror. Five people are forced into cruel experiments that utilize their fears against them. You can find Phobias in select theatres, digitally, and on-demand come March 19th.

Another film coming to you from Bloody Disgusting, Doors is a psychedelic science-fiction anthology. The film follows several individuals and their experience with newly discovered otherworldly doors. Where do these doors lead to? You’ll have to figure that out yourself when the film hits theatres March 19th and VOD March 23rd.


Violation follows Miriam, a woman who has been horribly wronged and begins a path of revenge. Violation looks to be one hell of a brutal and emotional experience, the directorial debut from Madeleine Sims-Fewer and Dusty Mancinelli coming to Shudder March 25th.

It’s the worst when you’re looking for a relaxing taxi drive and your driver won’t stop talking – it’s even worse when said driver gets you lost and your ride turns into a supernatural horror. Cami and Spencer find themselves stranded in The Toll; lost in a remote area, dark forces stalk them, waiting for the precise moment to strike. The Toll comes to select theatres, on-demand, and digital March 26th.

The Irregulars is a fun and creepy narrative based in the Sherlock Holmes universe where a group of teenagers are manipulated into solving crimes. Viewers can look forward to this mystery thriller and all its secrets come March 26th.

The Toll SXSW Review

‘The Toll’

The second season of Hulu’s Into The Dark series concludes with Blood Moon. Esme and her son move to a desert town where they hope to live peacefully; this doesn’t happen of course, for the family hide a dark secret, and the locals are poking them for answers. This exhilarating finale arrives March 26th.

For three decades, people have been going missing in the forests north of St. Petersburg. On October 14, 2017, a group of volunteers went into those same woods in hopes to find a missing teenager. What they came across was more sinister than they could have ever imagined. Based on real events, The Widow lingers its way onto VOD, digital platforms, DVD, and Blu-ray March 30th.

Last but surely not least, two of the greatest Kaiju in history come together to once again clash. In an exciting re-imagining of the 1962 film, Godzilla finds himself on a rampage – for reasons we aren’t aware of. Humanity turns its faith to Kong, counting on the gentle, powerful great ape to protect them. If trailers and stills prove one thing, this is going to be the match of the year. Godzilla vs Kong stomps its ways into theatres and onto HBO Max March 31st.

Please keep in mind that all release dates are subject to change. Have a spine-chilling March and keep a look out for more updates from Bloody Disgusting all month long! 

‘Godzilla vs. Kong’


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Got any friends who might like this scary horror stuff? GO AHEAD AND SHARE, SHARE!

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